omayra amaya Omayra Amaya 

Flamenco Dance Artist, Choreographer, Dance Teacher

An Internationally known Flamenco dance maestro, a born performer, Omayra Amaya’s legacy is one of a deep and proud Gypsy flamenco tradition. The daughter of Olga and Curro Amaya and grandniece of arguably the greatest flamenco dancer who ever lived, Carmen Amaya, Omayra accepts the responsibility of her heritage with the same passion and commitment as those of her Gypsy/Romani lineage. Her daily exposure to the cultural roots of flamenco, with all of its subtleties and fervency, cultivated her innate love for the art and supplied the foundation of her style and technique. Omayra first appeared on stage with her parent’s company, often interrupting their performces. Her first choreographed role came at age of twelve, when she performed as her father’s partner. By the time Omayra was fifteen, she was touring and performing internationally with her parents and performing with Rosario Galan and Antonio Santaella. Already a seasoned performer, Omayra sought to expand and enrich her art by studying other dance forms. She attended the Boston Conservatory where she received a BFA in Dance and Choreography in 1993. Upon graduating from the Conservatory, Omayra returned to Spain to study and vist her family when she was offered a teaching position at The Boston Conservatory and Harvard University. She returned to Boston in 1993 to teach in the universities and soon after also established her own Flamenco dance company. Omayra quickly made a name for herself at her company’s premiere in 1994. As a faculty member of the Boston Conservatory, the Boston Ballet, the Harvard University Dance Department and the Walnut Hill Performing Arts School, Omayra also taught and operated her own dance academy in New York and Miami. Starting from 2009, Shanghai Flamenco Fever has been given the privilege of having Omayra as its Flamenco maestro to help the students and dancers in China to learn Flamenco art from its root and its development.

Kate Wen  

Musical Theatre Choreographer/Director, Flamenco Dance Teacher

Kate Wen currently lives in both cities Shanghai and New York. She started her professional dancing career when she was 15 in Sichuan Province, China. When she was 18, she joined a Chinese army railway troop dance and song company and was immediately begun to choreograph dance for the company. She earned a Dance Teacher Certificate in the Beijing Dance Academy in the early 80s. In 1985 the Martha Graham Contemporary Dance School in New York City accepted her as the first Chinese modern dance student. While studying Martha Graham Technique, she also studied Horton Technique, Nikolais/Louise Methods, Jose Limon technique, etc. During the 90s, she begins Broadway musical theater training in the Broadway Dance Center, Steps on Broadway, and HB Studio. As a solo dancer, she toured with the New York Arts Foundation, All Nations Dance Company in Europe and North America during the end of 80s and early 90s. She earned a Certificate of Honorary Achievement from the Broadway Dance Center in 2003. At the same time period she begins her Flamenco training with Omayra Amaya in New York. In 2005, Kate Wen has established Flamenco Fever Shanghai, the first flamenco art center in mainland China. In 2010, she went to Spain and studied in Seville with Flamenco Maestro Juana Amaya. In Madrid, she later earned an Advanced Flamenco Teacher’s Certificate from Amor De Dios, a well-known Flamenco dance school in Spain. Kate holds AA degree in Liberal Arts from BMCC in New York City.


Fever Flamenco Dance Teacher

Carmen is the first flamenco teacher cultivated by the Flamenco Fever Shanghai. She has been fond of Spanish culture and music. Carmen fell in love with the flamenco dance when she first saw a flamenco dance sequence from the opera “Carmen”. She began her systematic training of flamenco dance at Flamenco Fever Shanghai in August, 2007. Immediately she recognized the importance of building a solid dance foundation, while taking flamenco dance technique training classes, she also took regular ballet classes, and later modern dance classes. It was the passion and rigorous attitude towards her study, her discipline brought her great progress. Her teaching is focused on to helping the students to build up a good foundation so they can grow faster, and she is also good at explaining and demonstrating the complicated flamenco rhythm in a simple clear manner. Carmen’s teaching style greatly benefit the students here in Fever.

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Shanghai Flamenco Fever was established in 2005. It is the first Flamenco Dance Center dedicated to the teaching and training. We provide weekly classes,and 2 to 3 time workshops per year taught by internationally renowned flamenco masters from Spain or America. In addition to the flamenco dance courses, we also offer ballet classes and modern dance fundamental as basic training course. Periodically, we provide flamenco guitar training course and lectures. We organize a student recital every 2-3 years.

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